Piper's Wollongong Music
390 Crown St
Wollongong West
NSW Australia 2500
Ph: (02) 4228 9286
  • Taylor 2014 Fall Limited ModelsTaylor 2014 Fall Limited Models have just arrived at Wollongong Music!
  • Taylor 150e 12-String DreadnoughtThe 150e is an amazing value Taylor 12-string that offers that Taylor tone & feel at an affordable price
  • 814_NAMMTaylor 814ce named Best in Show at Summer NAMM 2014 & in stock Wollongong Music
Does the next Voice live in your house?
  • marquee_TD4KPpromoRoland TD-4KP V-Drums Bonus Offer
  • GT-100v2_BannerNEW BOSS GT-100 version2. Download your update today!
  • Roland IOS AppsRoland Apple IOS apps
  • Cube GX BannerNEW BOSS GT-100 version2. Download your update today!
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